Faire l’entretien de sa chaudière est une routine tous les deux ans. On appelle le service technique, on prend RDV, on attend le passage du technicien qui fait son travail et nous donne le papier. Merci et au revoir. Avec moi ce fut un parcours du combattant.

Comme je possède une chaudière Vaillant, je voulais le faire via le fabricant (le groupe Vaillant reprend également Renova Bulex et Saunier Duval). Grand mal m’en aura pris.

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AliExpress, never again

A lot of people do shopping using that AliExpress application or the website. A Chinese site that allows us to buy a huge range of products for a good price. Not always because sometimes you can find local shops selling the same thing for a small price difference.

After 20 orders, my general feedback is negative. I no longer trust that website. I have had so many problems that I believe that it is not worth it. You must wait during days for your item to arrive and once you receive it you are disappointed.

Bad quality

The cables (data transfer, charger) are of very poor quality. You unpack the package, you are happy, you quickly give a positive review to the buyer but one month later it is already good to be thrown out.

The spare parts I bought to repair a smartphone are of poor quality, but not expensive. You will waste time repairing it but it will not last. Is it really worth it?

I bought a mouse that does not work well. On the other hand my current mouse that I bought in a shop here 8 years ago still works perfectly!

HDMI cables, even the Grundig ones, are of poor quality. They do not hold in place and there are always faulty connections. These are often counterfeits.

People often complain about USB sticks and SD cards because the storage capacity is different or because of technical problems (need formatting).

Size problems

Never buy clothes on AliExpress. You will always have a size issue. Their sizes are not accurate at all. In case of complaint they will tell you that the evidence provided is not sufficient and that you should have taken another size. Completely stupid: if you wear S, why would you order XL. If you order XL, thinking it is an S, they will tell you that you should not have ordered such a large size. Same thing for jewelry like rings (I bought Franck Underwood’s ring), shoes, etc.


Do not rely on feedbacks. People usually leave a positive feedback (5 stars) upon receiving their package. They are very excited because their package was not blocked at customs or lost by the Post. Sometimes they say « I have not opened it yet but I have received it ». It is not possible to modify your feedback. If you realize after a few days that you are not satisfied you can just add a comment, not change your feedback.

The famous 5 ***** cannot be removed by the buyer. In case of problem with an item, the seller prefers to send you the same shit in exchange for the 5 ***** (2 items for the price of one) or they will beg you not to open a Dispute (Claim) against them.

Long delivery time

Delivery to Belgium takes around 24 days. There is a deadline for the items to arrive, if it does not arrive on time you can ask for a refund. If the seller decides to grant you a longer Buyer Protection then you will have to wait longer before getting a refund (or not if the article is delivered in the meantime). The tracking of items is not optimal in case of normal delivery. Some items are simply deposited into the mailbox, for others it will be necessary to sign a document. If you have not signed any document, they do not have the proof that you have received the item and you will be able to ask for a refund (« article not received »). As far as I am concerned, I received every ordered items.

Unprofessional Customer service

I still wonder if the chat of the Customer Service is held by bots. They just send you stored messages like « Don’t worry » « Everything will be fine » « I am taking care of your problem » but in the end your problem is never solved. Bullshit customer service.

They have a refund system : you can get your money back when you have not received the product or if the product is different from the description. They ask you for pictures and/or videos. Sometimes when you do not send video your complaint is rejected.

It is a fake system of consumer protection, without interlocutors. A kind of scam. An impersonal, automated and robotic customer service. They call themselves « Case Management team » but they do not care about the issues. The prefer to protect their sellers instead of the customers. Be careful before ordering at AliExpress.

Dangerous goods

You have certainly seen these pictures and videos of exploding mobile phones or electronic cigarettes. These bad products come from China. Many people were burnt by phones or other electronic devices purchased on Chinese websites. And what can we say about these girls buying cosmetics from China…


You pay, you wait, you receive your item but a few days/weeks later you will not be satisfied. When you do not like it, you throw it away. We waste our money on useless gadgets. We sometimes buy little things on the spur of the moment. Things that we do not need. You will have waited weeks for nothing.

Not to mention the ethical aspect (child labor, working conditions, wages), the ecological aspects (packaging, transport), the patriotic aspect (buying local products instead of Chinese shit). Unfortunately, in our society, if we can save a few euros, we don’t care about these aspects.

Think again about buying Aliexpress shit…

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